You may have guessed that I’m a Yorkshire man. In fact, now that I live in Northumberland I’m a Northumbrian. Times were when all of us living north of the Humber were validly called North Humbrians. Well known for being forthright and standing no nonsense, us northern folk. There’s more castles in Northumberland than any other county - summat to do wi’ needing to fend off Scots, Vikings and southerners ovver t’ years.

Any road, Yorkshire is not only a place of birth, but more of an attitude of mind. We’re known for being straightforward, upright and independent minded. Hardworking, careful wi’ our brass, and generous to a fault. We live in the largest County in England, which includes all the necessaries of self-sufficiency - farming and fishing for our food, sheep for the making of clothes, all manner of trades and industries for the making of goods, and coal, limestone, and iron ore for the making of industries. The people are the finest, the scenery the widest. 

Aye, well, them in t’ guv’ment have destroyed the farming, fishing, the industries, coal mining, and we dug up and used all t’ iron ore in Rosedale to put the Great in Britain - back when Victoria ruled (most of) the world. Still, most of t’ hills and views are still here, and there’s still a few on us who keep t’ spirit of Yorkshire alive. 

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