The International Wood Collectors Society is devoted to advancing information on wood.  The monthly house journal ‘World of Wood’ contains information on collecting, on meetings held around the world - each with its associated swap-meet - and examples of superb craftsmanship and astonishing collections of timber samples. 

The journal distributes informationon collecting wood, correctly identifying naming wood specimens, and the members consistently amaze me by taking a long distance look at a sample and pronouncing on its identity - almost to which side of the valley it grew on. 

For around GBP 20 annually, the magazine is worth the membership and more, for like so many such organisations, the meetings and the like minded people are the greatest treasure. 

I can say that, for I notice that I appear in the February 2004 issue as having arranged a demo of bench making - thus bringing together my activities at Pepper Wood, and the IWCS. Some more of the pictures of the day are here.

The Toolkit

The End Product

Despite what the girlies in the family say, it is NOT the ‘Intellectual Wood Collectors, no, definitely not. 

IWCS members trying
the commander’s powers,
and playing on a shave horse

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