Wood Growing


All the woodworkers that I know and whose writings I have read have a great regard for the material we use. Wood is simply wonderful stuff. It grows all by itself, when its left to itself. It’s strong, warm, built our huts, our canoes, our boats, our ships, and our aeroplanes. 

Sadly, like so much else, we seem to be hell bent on destroying this wonderful resource. The rainforests are being destoyed, the replacement plantings are monotonously monocultural, and the outlook for trees and the live that lives amongst and on and in them is not bright. 

However, not all is gloom, Here in the UK we have The Woodland Trust, and they are doing an ever increasing amount of good work in preserving woodland, and especially ancient woodland. Their nearest site is Pepper Wood, and it is there where I spend time as part of Pepper Wood Community Group managing the woodland, and carrying out green woodworking... Lots of things a body can do with green wood, and thankfully there are more and more people who recognise this and share an enjoyment of woodland and its products.

Working with wood means knowing more about it, and I’m a member of the IWCS - the International Wood Collectors Society, where people know all about timber, and share a common cause in enthusiasm for the material. memebrs swap samples of timber - sized at 6 x 3 x 0.5 inches - for the sheer enjoyment of being able to compare, and recognise, and know more about this stuff we love. It’s particularly striking that so many members also seem to have a professional interest as woodworkers or wood academics in some form.

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