Making furniture is a particularly satisfying way of using time and natural resources. Wood has a particular resonance to the deepest instincts of mankind. It’s the stuff we made houses from, it’s the stuff that even now is indispensable to building houses and homes, it built our earliest ships, wagons, coaches, railways, cars, aeroplanes, and water supplies. We seem to have an inbuilt appreciation for wood. People who do not have an appreciation for wood may have to be floated offshore and sunk. 
Anyway, all the craftsmen I’ve met who have a real feeling for the material they use in their work all seem to share with me a regard for the tools used in its working. Not the modern electron eating marvels that eat whole trees and spit out instant furniture, but the hand tools that have been developed over the last thousand years to produce everything from the green wood milking stool to the finest Georgian furniture. 
I find my interests now spanning that same range - from working green wood, in the woodland, to striving vainly to achieve fine furniture. 
What follows is an eclectic selection of things to do with hand tools and wood

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